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Ren Ming Young
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Theatre Productions
2018 In the Jungle of the Metropolis (RMYTHEATRE)
2017 Love's Winners (RMYTHEATRE)
2016 Love's Creditors (RMYTHEATRE)
2015 Love's Comedy (RMYTHEATRE)
2014 Restlessness: Stories of Childhood (RMYTHEATRE)
2014 The Story of Ni Huanzhi (RMYTHEATRE)
2014 The Tempest in the East China Sea (Wuzhen Theatre Festival 2014)
2013 Your Accent (RMYTHEATRE)
2012 Broken Chapters (Chengdu Art Theatre)
2012 Look Back Suddenly (Penghao Theatre, Beijing)
2011 Pour un oui ou pour un non (Yuandai Productions, Shanghai)
2009 At This Time Next Year (Atelier Ren Ming Young)
2009 Le You Yuan (Linc2 Theatre Company, Shanghai)
2007 Last Night in Shuangyong Road (Linc2 Theatre Company, Shanghai)

Restlessness: Stories of Childhood (Penghao Theatre, Beijing, 2015 )