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Ren Ming Young
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19:30, Jan 24-25, 2019 The Flavours of Life
Theatre Xinyouxin Grand Theatre, Leshan
presented by Leshan Institute of Culture and the Arts
19:30, Nov 25, 2018 In the Jungle of the Metropolis
Theatre Guanghua Theatre, Tianjin
19:30, Nov 9, 2018 Your Accent
Theatre Tianjin Airport Economic Area Cultural Center
19:30, Oct 20, 2018 Love's Winners
Theatre Suyu Grand Theatre, Suqian
May 1, 2018 Strawberry Music Festival 2018, Beijing Music Yuyang Ski Resort, Pinggu District, Beijing
Apr 29-May 1, 2018 'Empty Chairs'
Outdoor performance South Square, Dayan Tower, Xi'an
@Xi'an International Theatre Festival
19:30, Apr 20-21, 2018 Love's Winners
Theatre Jinjiang Center for Theatre Arts, Fujian
20:30, Apr 11, 2018 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music On The Way(Damo Plaza), Hefei
20:30, Apr 8 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music Yu Yin Tang, Shanghai
20:30, Apr 6 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music CMK Livehouse, Hangzhou
20:30, Apr 4 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music CMK Livehouse, Ningbo
20:30, Mar 11 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music Soft Times Livehouse, Taiyuan
20:30, Mar 10 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music Xiandan Livehouse, Shijiazhuang
20:30, Mar 9 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music Rear Alleys Bar, Tianjin
20:30, Mar 4 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music Mi Die Livehouse, Xi'an
20:30, Mar 3, 2018 Tou Tao Bao Li
Music Huziduo Livehouse, Xianyang

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